About Me

Hello my name is Dr. Salman. I have been practicing since 2009. I am a children diet specialist – I have conducted several workshops and countrywide meetings about children health.

I am also a member of Florida’s children care program that works for betterment of street children.

I have also being part of several research programs regarding children diet and health care.

I am also a professional plastic surgeon, MD. I completed my facial masking course from  UF Health Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics Center.

I am also a dermal filler specialist and a cosmetic supplier in Iran. I run a clinic with the name of Phyxius Persians which means “Beautiful Persians” in Tehran.

My blog is specially dedicated to all my learnings that I have learned throughout my career. I will be sharing food diets, health care plans, cosmetic treatments, fitness blogs here. My wife Rabia Kesar will also be accompanying me to run this blog so you might see some blogs from her too.

Please do subscribe my blog to get the latest updates about best food plans for children as well as beauty and health of elder people.

Right now I practice in Florida and I also planning to start a clinic here.

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